• Jason Campbell

Instead of financially supporting a party this year, support a cause.

If you have been following JCFilms, you know we only produce films that will positively change the culture for Christ. That’s it period. It was our mission 20 films ago, and it remains the foundation to every film we produce.

So, why are we making a political comedy about Donald Trump, and why are we asking you to support this film?

Several months ago, Dean Cain and I were driving through Florida, and we had a discussion on the political climate in America. It was during the impeachment and even Dean and I disagreed on a few political issues. But here is the point… It’s okay not to agree on politics or policy; however, it’s never okay to disgrace or demean with whom you disagree.

Let’s face the facts, come this summer the political discussion in America is going to be awful! With this year being a Presidential Election, it just is. Although it’s entertainment to many, it really is destroying our purple mountains of majesty.

Therefore, our film BEING TRUMP is about this conflict. The film depicts just how far we’ve allowed the division and discord to come between the American people. Yes, this message is mysteriously concealed into the comedic plot structure, but it’s there and it will be great medicine for us all this summer.

This film is an effort to change the current political division in America. Our goal is to return a civility to the arguments between political parties. We have to stop demonizing our opposition and regain the good old debate mode of persuasion.

Whether you are a democrat or republican, I hope you will take a moment to support our efforts on this important film!

If you would like to help please visit Or, give me a call 304-906-5957.


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