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Christian film company starts production on Donald Trump movie

Updated: Feb 12

A new faith-based political comedy film with message to regain civility in American politics.

Is it possible to produce a faith based film that is both Christian and political? How about a faith based film that's not only Christian and political, but a comedy about Donald Trump? Well, JCFilms starts production soon on such a cultural combination with their newest film, BEING TRUMP.

JCFilms has produced over 20 faith & family feature films in the last several years. They’ve tackled many issues in their films such as school prayer, ant-bullying, and even America’s opioid addiction. Now, they are diving into politics. And here is the plot structure so far:

“President Donald Trump’s Space Force program has quickly become a reality and when the first mission to MARS is introduced our President insists on being the first man to walk the red planet. However, the framers of our constitution never imagined a sitting President leaving the planet and if so, would Trump really need to transfer his powers or could he just find a look-a-like to fill in for a few days?”

BEING TRUMP is a political comedy starting production in February 2020 which came to our attention several months ago during a discussion with Dean Cain on the political climate in America. It was during the impeachment and even Dean and I disagreed on a few political issues. But here is the point… It’s okay not to agree on politics or policy; however, it’s never okay to disgrace or demean with whom you disagree.

Let’s face the facts, come this summer the political discussion in America is going to be awful! With this year being a Presidential Election, it just is. Although it’s entertainment to many, it really is destroying our purple mountains of majesty.

Therefore, our film BEING TRUMP is about this conflict. The film depicts just how far we’ve allowed the division and discord to come between the American people. Yes, this message is mysteriously concealed into the comedic plot structure, but it’s there and it will be great medicine for us all this summer.

This film is an effort to change the current political division in America. Our goal is to return a civility to the arguments between political parties. We have to stop demonizing our opposition and regain the good old debate mode of persuasion.

Whether you are a democrat or republican, I hope you will take a moment to support our efforts on this important film!

The producers have created a crowd fundraising opportunity for those that want to contribute to the project at:

To get involved or learn more, please visit


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