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Christian Based Comedy ‘BEING TRUMP’ Rejected by Amazon.

Updated: Oct 25

JCFilms has produced over 20 Christian & family feature films in the last several years. They’ve tackled many issues in their films such as school prayer, anti-bullying, and even America’s opioid addiction.

Last month they released a Christian comedy called ‘BEING TRUMP.” ‘BEING TRUMP’ is a political parody that depicts just how far left-wing groups have gone to create discord between government and the American people.

“The film is an entertaining Christian movie poking fun at politics. As you can imagine we’re surprised that Amazon has refused to stream the film and Facebook has refused to allow us to market the film on their platforms,” Jason Campbell, President of JCFilms.

To date AMAZON streams nearly two-dozen ‘Donald Trump’ themed documentaries and/or movies. “With the majority of them being very serious and critical of the President, we thought our family friendly comedy would balance out the selections,” Campbell said.

"AMAZON PRIME has been  quick to stream it's X-rated TRUMP comedy. BUT, has rejected to stream our faith-based TRUMP comedy. "

Interwoven in this fact and fiction film is a non-threatening story on how President Trump travels to Mars and has to hire a body double to cover his appearances and even a surprise visit from North Korean President, Kim Jong-un.

The producers, are looking for ways to market this film outside the various media outlets that have unfairly rejected the content. They are trying to raise $3,500 to jumpstart and alternative marketing campaign to promote the film.

In fact, they have established a crowd fundraising opportunity and are send FREE DIGITAL COPIES of the film for those that donate $10 or more.

Please visit: to help.


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