• Jason Campbell

BEING TRUMP: A Donald Trump Parody Movie is Set to be Released!

Updated: Oct 24

JCFilms has announced it will be releasing its much-anticipated political comedy, BEING TRUMP on May 1,2020. The movie was filmed entirely in West Virginia and stars a real Donald Trump impersonator that portrays the President.

“This film is hilarious and we just thought everyone could use a little laugh right about now; so…. we’re releasing it a little earlier.” Jason Campbell

BEING TRUMP is a political comedy that depicts just how far we’ve allowed the discord to come between the American people. So, in an effort to change the current political division in America, Campbell and his team made the film.

“Our goal with the film is to return a civility to the arguments between political parties with the message that is okay to not agree on policies, but it is never okay to demoralize others based on their views.”

JCFilms will be producing SIX other faith & family films in West Virginia this year!


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